Thursday, February 8, 2007

My new friend

In the Ones Biggest mall in our town, I’m sitting down at the stair gates, playing my cell phone, I’m very absorbed with the options menu & others program until someone approaching me slowly & he sit down in my left side closely, I’m surprised cause I never now his coming until he sad down nearby me. So small conversation happening.

Hi what are you doing here?” I recognize him as porter-kids in this mall,

Nothing, just watch u & I decided sit down with you” said this kid (his name mikel)

….Hmmm so what interesting sit down here with me?” I’m try to start conversation & close my cell phone

..I do not know but I thing is better with you here than just stand without friends

…hmmm you looking for friends aren’t it?"

This small talk become more deeps & soon we involved with what happening with his live, since he was born, he never know who is his dad, until he 5 years he follow his family move to this town, but in this town his mother very difficult to raise & support him, so he try to life in the streets, hoping small money from helping people bringing his grocery stuff to the car, he said someone was try to bring him home from the streets but his bad habits bring him back to the street after 2 two month.

I’m very exited hear his life story, so I decided to buys some soft drink & snack & back sit down share with him, the friendships just happening so he fells someone want hear him in this busies world. In that corner I found the essence of friendships, we spend story each others…a story who strengthen us each others

We don’t realize the time, the noon just gone the light from the lamp change the light of the day, so with happiness faces we agree to meet in same day at next weeks… I go home with smile remember his life story & he continuing his job, waiting someone need helps with his grocery stuff.

So this is the story from the forgotten kids in our city …..

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